Dane jumping

If you go about an hour and a half north of Silverthorneon Highway 9, you will see a very small brown old sign pointing you towards Radium, Colorado. Hang a left for a good time!  I went to Radium the other weekend, as my good friend Dane boasted of great campsites, killer cliff jumping, and hot springs! So naturally I was in! Edward, Dane, Dawson, and I were off!

my turn!

Driving there is quite an adventure in itself after weaving past Green Mountain Reservoir and turning at the almost impossible to notice sign, the roads curls back thru a rugged mountain pass. The road changes between paved and gravel, but the majority of the trip is on old dirt roads. If you follow the old signs you will arrive at Radium. Don’t hold your breath this is a small river town. Everyone who lives there is there for the Colorado river and the rafting and kayaking that you can enjoy all spring, summer, and fall. River rat is a loving term for the people you will encounter they love it out here.

Ed jumping

We parked in a small parking lot/campsite and then made the mile trek back towards the cliff and the river. Our campsite was on top of the 45 foot cliffs. “Perfect location,”Dane said, “this way we can wake up and jump right off!” And that is exactly what we did, good morning!

long way down!

Jumping off these cliffs was crazy fun, a long 45 foot drop gives you about 2-3 seconds of hang time in the air. Sounds like nothing but feels like an eternity! Best part of the jump is when you surface and float down the Colorado river just around the corner of the cliffs and climb into the natural rock hot springs! They felt amazing, perfect way to regain your composure and gear up for the next jump!

Dawson jumps

I made a total of 4 jumps and that was all that my body could handle. The impact was pretty rough and you definitely wanted to make sure your limbs were tucked in tight or you were leaving with a battle bruise.

The Colorado river was packed! There was a bluegrass festival just a few miles down on the banks and everyone was out to party and enjoy the sunshine! Cliff jumping, relaxing in the Hot springs, and drinking with new friends on the Colorado River! Perfection!