When Julle first called me over two years ago and told me she was engaged, that was no surprise. I was overjoyed, Julle has been one of my best friends since high school. We met at the ripe age of 13, and let me tell you we looked good!

I still remember Julle getting in trouble because she was trying to talk to Lyndsey and I in swim practice and we were in the next lane over, not by choice, but because Julle is an Olympic class athlete. She will never tell you this but it is true. And truth be told we would slow her down in her workouts and Johnson, the man with the plan/coach, would not be letting that happen. Julle was the pride of our swim team, and we all knew it, even though she would never have seen herself that way.

I loved all of those two a day practices, roaming the halls of Northglenn High wreaking of chlorine, and none of the other girls could understand how even if we showered we could still smell like a pool. We were not just on the team we lived in the pool and together. Julle and Lyndsey were by my side, and the next lane over, for 4 years.

And this Saturday Julle will be getting married. Jake you are a lucky man, I could not have better friends, and your fiance has shaped my life and will always be someone that I look up to. Her determination and competitiveness is unparallelled, class to the end win or lose. Julle has never lost the attitude of a high powered athlete and I don’t know many women of her stature that ever could.

I love you two dearly and I am so blessed to be a part of your wedding and a part of your beautiful future together. I am going to be the world’s best bridesmaid…PROMISE!

Love love love, and now to the party! KANSAS CITY HERE I COME!!