I have returned happily from Julle and Jake’s wedding celebration. It was wonderful and beautiful and I can not say enough to do it justice. I wish them both the best and I love them very much.

Now that I am back in Chicago a lot has happened. I now have a permanent residence! Well, let’s be honest it is only semi-permanent, i.e. month to month leasing, because I am a forever committed to my commitment phobia. I will be living on the north-west side of the city, so if you’re around Chicago and want to play an epic game of “Where’s Waldo” starring me, go to the corner of Western and Armitage and you will have an extreme advantage.

I am very excited to live in the city and at the same time really nervous. I think it is because since I have moved to the windy city I feel as though all I have been doing is auditioning. I have audition for apartments with five other people by my side. Who thinks that this is the way to interview people for a living situation. Cut throat at best, just going down the line of eager souls who want to pay you money, judging them instantly and then selecting one in the end. Weird. Pick me, pick me, and finally someone did!

Chicago Checklist:
Theater role…Check!

Yup that’s right I have a whopping two things on my list, and I have got them both at the moment! I guess my modest ideals have brought me modest results. I must remember to always include a) become a millionaire, b) discover a cure for cancer, and c) solve world hunger.

Well I am off to Ravinia Park this evening to see the BoDeans. Can’t remember who they are? Ok let me help…