I am so tired with dealing with my own thoughts and emotions. I am trying to sort thru this crap called life and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t seem to work itself out thru college and those “life long” experiences that I keep hearing about. So what now life?

Go to college…check
Live abroad…check
Be a Ski Instructor…check
Follow your dreams…half check
Figure it out…ha!

I realize this all sounds super bitter and cynical, but I am just so flipping frustrated. I am now a whopping 25 and still have no idea what I want to do, how to use my degree properly, or where my life is headed. One would have to consider this not the beat way to start off a new year of life. Oh a high note I am setting low standards for everyone looking to compare themselves to me at this moment. Your welcome.

I want a vacation from my thoughts…