As small but notable success for me in Chicago. I have landed my very first part. I am a new member of the Transylvania Chorus in the upcoming production of Rocky Horror at the Ludicrous Theater. I am really excited because even though this is a “background” role, it is a very small intimate theater so there are only 4 of us total. So I will not be washed away in a crowd and that makes me very nervous and excited. Bring on the modern dance and singing!

I am really excited and if anyone in the great void out there is reading this and wondering what else you could do to help me with your epic connections in music and theater…

That’s all I can muster, ta ta!

Come to the Show:


Sunday night I flew back in to Chicago from a whirlwind weekend for Julle’s Bachlorette Party, Monday work and then late night audition, Tuesday work then a late night callback for the Rocky Horror Show which was re-scheduled for Wednesday, Wednesday work and late night callback round 2, and finally we arrive at Thursday.

So today I slept in and then went for a 13 mile bike ride next to lake Michigan. I found Black and White raspberry bushes with the help of Clara, Ed’s mom, and they were so sweet and delicious. I love all the lush nature here, being so close to water things just grow like crazy. Wild raspberries should be a new food group!

Oh to dream, and that is what I will be doing all day! It started last night when Ed casually suggested that we watch a special on Shaun White and Project X. What is Project X you are wondering, Ta DA I am here to fulfill your every desire!

In 2009 Shaun White and his friends were talking about how great it would be to have your own super pipe, but even bigger than the competition size so that you could train in privacy and on a super pipe so large that it would make the competition pipe look easy. So a few conversations with Red Bull and POOF! Shaun was relocated to Silverton, COLORADO and Red Bull built him his own super pipe 24 feet high, 64 feet wide and 500 feet long on a sick pitch in the private back country of Silverton, a back country girls dream, right?!

SO after watching this and becoming so home sick I couldn’t even stand it, I jumped online and started planning my ultimate vacation; because even though I think I am a super sweet skier, no one has offered to fly me in any helicopters or build me my own back country play ground. If you are offering, YES, I DO, WHEN CAN WE START!?!


Ok now back to my fantasy. I want to go to Niseko Village, Japan. For four simple, mindblowing reasons:

1: The town of Niseko, on Japan’s Hokkaido island, has 4 ski resorts, each have respective ski areas, but are magically interlinked! So you can access all 887 hectares with only one ski pass, HEAVEN!

Ski Map of Niseko

2: Niseko Village ranks as one of the snowiest resorts in the world, for annual snow fall

3: It is the most popular ski resort/resorts among Japan and Aussie visitors due to its insane night life!

4: Locals also boast that it has CHEST DEEP champagne powder on the reg, need I say more?

So I would like to go for a visit, and if I end up getting snowed in and have to live there, well so be it! I could learn Japanese right? I am in love with this place right now. Also fun fact, as you ski down hill you can look up and see the pacific ocean! I realize it is July and I am planning my winter vacation but I am a skier, what do you expect?

this should be me!

Happy 4th everyone! I hope that you are drinking beers and wine and enjoying the outdoor fun that usually comes with celebrating our great nation.

Here is a beautiful piece of art by Janet Echelman, commissioned by the City of Denver to represent the interconnectedness of the 35 nations of the Americas. It’s inspiration is from the earthquake in chile and how it affected every nation in the ripple effect. Although it is no longer on display if you got to catch a glimpse of it as I did, you were blown away. I wonder what this summer will bring!

For more information go here:

Happy Birthday ‘Merica!

Thank the lord someone has pulled him out from the depths of hip hop and brought him back into my life! HALLELUJAH and Praise be to BEYONCE. Girl worked her magic, and when I say her I probably mean Jay, and got Andre to spit some amazing hypnotizing lines on her new song “Party” from her new album 4. Andre 3000 please make more music my ears are starving!

Follow the link to bliss!

Ben Okri is one of my favorite authors. He is from Nigeria and grew up between Nigeria and London. He has a wonderful sense of blending reality with the seemingly almost unreal.

I was first recommended one of his books by a random women in a cafe in Breckenridge two years ago. I was reading My Melancholy Whores, by Gabriel Garcia Marques. This book is fantastic and takes you thru the lives of prostitutes but in true Marques fashion blends his ever iconic “Magical Realism” into reality causing this wonderful layering affect. She said that if I was enjoying that book I should read something by Ben Okri. “Try the ‘Famished Road.” So naturally I went out and checked it out from the library the next day. I have had great success with books recommended by strangers, which happens more often than you would think, because I am always reading.

It was wonderful, magnificent, tragic, and thought provoking. This novel transcends reality while suffering the civil war in Nigeria. Ever since then I have been hooked. So I was very excited when I saw an interview with Ben Okri on CNN this morning. So do yourself a favor and watch this and then rum to get one of his short stories, books, of poetry, or novels. I am sure you will be enthralled!


For those of you as lonely without the King of Pop as I am here is something to brighten your day, we are not the only ones that miss him. It’s just that others are willing to pay to prove it.

Recently there was an auction held where famous pop stars past gear and trinkets were sold. And guess who the big winner was of the lot? MJ!!!! Like you would have any doubts right? I didn’t of course.

However what shocked and awed fans all over the world is the piece that caught everyone’s eyes and wallets. The red and black jacket, winged shoulders, and shiny leather, that MJ wore during his zombie-TASTIC “Thriller” video fetched a $1.8 MILLION DOLLAR bid at this weekend’s Julien’s auction in Beverly Hills, California, according to the auctioneer’s website. You know the one that inspired men around the country to buy Members only jackets and paired it with tight black jeans and crisp white tees. Oh come back to me Michael!

Sad but true we have lost our mighty King. I doubt there will be another so great or with so much influence of the world and it’s music. So let’s all take a moment to relive the glory days! I will leave you with Thriller!!!

CLICK it you won’t be disappointed!

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